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Common Properties

These properties are accessible at all analysis levels : NLP, Document, Sentence, Subsentence, Token.

All properties have a _flat variant (token_flat) which flatten recursively the return.

strStringReturns sentence as string
original_textStringReturns the original token in the input text before modification from the tokenization.
tokenStringReturns token
lemmaStringReturns lemma
lemma_detailStringReturns unmerged lemma
posStringReturns POS (Part-Of-Speech) tags
pos_detailStringReturns unmerged POS (Part-Of-Speech) tags
depStringReturns dependency relations
morphologyStringReturns morphological features
languageStringReturns detected language
meaningList of TuplesReturns meanings as tuples (SUPER, SUB)
emotionTupleReturns emotion as tuple (Type, score)
sentimentDictionaryReturns sentiment with positive, negative and total values
sentiment_mlDictionaryReturns sentiment of ml_model without further fine tuning
sentiment_targetTupleReturns 'target' of words with strong sentimental meaning
sentence_typeStringReturns type of sentence
coreferenceStringReturns reference of token if it exists
synthesisDictionaryReturns synthesis object