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Event Object


The Event Object provides information about events mentioned in the processed document. Each key inside the Event Object represents a specific event, and the associated values are dictionaries containing detailed information about the event.


The Event Object has a structured format for each event:

negationbooleanIndicates whether negation is present.
intensitynumberIntensity level associated with the event.
temporalitystringTemporal aspect of the event (e.g., past, present).
ownerarrayArray of owners associated with the event.
id_listString []A list of strings representing the positions inside the text that triggered the attribute. Each string follows the format "{sentence_index}:{word_index}".
originstringOrigin of the event (e.g., text).
document_pathstringPath within the document associated with the event.
extraobjectAdditional information specific to the event.
typestringType of the event (e.g., root:interact:make_be:name_(sthg)).
valuevariesValue associated with the event. The format may vary based on the event type.
timenumberTimestamp indicating when the event was processed.
u_idstringUnique identifier for the event.

Next steps

  • Explore the different events within the document to understand the occurrences and context of various events mentioned.
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