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Lettria's API includes a text comprehension feature that allows users to easily identify and extract key elements from their text. This feature leverages artificial intelligence and NLP (Natural Language Processing) techniques to understand the sentiment, meaning, and context of the text, and can be used in a variety of industries and applications.

Example NLP solutions

With the Lettria API's text comprehension feature, you can easily extract key elements such as watchwords, sentiment, and figures from your text, making it easier to quickly understand and analyze the data. Overall, this feature is a valuable resource for organizations looking to gain insights from text data and streamline text processing tasks.

  • Customer service automation: Use NLP techniques to understand the sentiment and intent of customer inquiries or complaints, and automatically classify and respond to them.
  • Social media monitoring: Analyze social media posts to understand sentiment and identify key topics or trends.
  • Content moderation: Use the Lettria API to automatically flag inappropriate or offensive content for review.
  • Text classification: Automatically classify text into predefined categories based on its content.

How to build your NLP solution

To build your NLP solution using the Lettria API, follow these steps:

Configure your project on the Lettria app Send the text you want to process to the Lettria API via an HTTP request. The Lettria API will return a JSON response with the analyzed data, including key elements such as watchwords, sentiment, and figures. Use this data to gain insights, streamline text processing tasks, or build automated systems for tasks such as customer service, social media monitoring, content moderation, and text classification.

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