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Structuration Card


The Structuration Card is a fundamental component of the Lettria API's structuration endpoint response. Each card provides detailed information about a specific aspect of the processed document, offering insights into classifications, attributes, events, social relationships, and more.


The Structuration Card has the following format:

timenumberTimestamp indicating when the card was processed.
u_idstringUnique identifier for the card.
class_idarrayArray of classification IDs associated with the card.
is_persobooleanIndicates whether the card represents personal information.
is_lettriabooleanIndicates whether the card is generated by Lettria.
is_individualbooleanIndicates whether the card represents an individual.
long_pathstringDetailed path indicating the classification hierarchy.
positionsarrayArray of positions within the document.
categoriesarrayArray of categories associated with the card.
lemmastringLemma associated with the card.
negationbooleanIndicates whether negation is present.
pluralbooleanIndicates plurality.
document_pathsarrayArray of paths within the document.
attributeAttribute ObjectObject containing attribute information.
possessingPossessing ObjectObject containing possession information.
tasteTaste ObjectObject containing taste-related information.
eventEvent ObjectObject containing event-related information.
socialSocial ObjectObject containing social information.
linkLink ObjectObject containing linking information.

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