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Sentence Acts

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Sentence_acts Object

Detail of the sentence_acts list:

predictstringType chosen by the algorithm.

Sentence_acts detail Object

assertfloatProbability that the sentence is an assertion."Je suis un développeur."
commandfloatProbability that the sentence is a command."Donne moi la réponse."
question_openfloatProbability that the sentence is an open-ended question."Quelle est la meilleure solution de TALN en français ?"
question_ynfloatProbability that the sentence is a close-ended question."Est-ce que vous avez une question ?"

import Tabs from '@theme/Tabs'; import TabItem from '@theme/TabItem';

<Tabs> <TabItem value="py" label="Python">

  "predict": "question_open"

</TabItem> <TabItem value="json" label="JSON">

	"predict": "question_open"

</TabItem> </Tabs>