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Getting started

This page will help you get started with the Lettria doc center. You'll be up and running in no time ⏱

Our documentation is here to guide you through your usage of our public API. You'll find all you need in regards to every object returned by the Lettria API.


If you are looking for information reagarding a specific topic select one of the categories from the 👈 side menu and select the corresponding topic you`d like to know more about.

If you are new to NLP you can take a look at our tutorials to get an idea of what inforamtion you`d like to extract and analyze from your document.

Getting started

Getting you API key

In order to start using our API you'll need a personal API key from Lettria.

Create you free Lettria account here 👈

Create a project and from the project page select the tokens menu and copy you free API key 🔑

Once you've installed the Lettria API you can add you own documents and start analyzing using our NLP.


Installing Lettria

Lettria provides you with a Python package to facilitate the use of its API. You can install the latest version via pip, a package manager for Python.

pip install lettria

Importing the library

In order to use the Lettria API you'll need to import the library.

import lettria

Ready, set...go!

Now your ready to add your document and start analyzing your text. Check out the left hand menu 👈 to see which tools you would like to use to extract the elements you need.