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Python SDK

Requests & Authentication

All your requests must contain a header called Authorization. The value of the header must be created like so : "LettriaProKey API_KEY".

Get your free API_KEY on your Dashboard.

To make a request using curl, replace API_KEY with your personal token
and YOUR_SENTENCE with the text to process :

curl -H "Authorization: LettriaProKey API_KEY" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-X POST "" \
-d '{ "text" : "YOUR_SENTENCE" }'

Using the Lettria API

To use our API, you will need a personal key, refered as API_KEY. Get your free API_KEY on your Dashboard. Install using Python Software Developpement Kit :

pip install lettria

Then you can import Lettria and add you API Key and start using the API.

import lettria

nlp = lettria.NLP(api_key)
nlp.add_document([sentence_1, sentence_2])

for doc in nlp:
    for sentence in doc:
        print(sentence.token, sentence.pos)

Check the official sources for more information and documentation on how to extract key informations using our SDK :